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Raul SantiestebanCos

The place to get the best beef. I tried other places and it is hard to get ribeye steak, for example. Every time I get meat in this place is nice price, soft and juicy. There is also nice choices of fish such as frozen tuna or octopus. We also like the turkey ham in […]

Lindsay Estey

This is where we buy our meat and seafood. They have good quality and fair prices. I got 5lbs of mussels today for $7.50!

Matt Matyszczuk

Great seafood. The lobsters are tasty! Huge selection of great frozen goods too. Also one of my favourite spots to get salmon.

Dominique Tuckson

Always a great finds, and some fairly unique ones. I just picked up some sword fish I can’t wait to cook!

Hannah Kristine Tan

Lots of Live Lobsters you found! Great price👌 affordable .

Jodie Mercer

What a beautiful little market! I’m from Ontario and brought Larry the Lobster home with me, and he was the tastiest little crustacean I had from NB – juicy and meaty and at a fair price!